ニットウィザードの”Happy Knitting”グッズ

goodsニットウィザードの”Happy Knitting”グッズを作りました。suzuri.jp/bkestlerで注文出来ます。

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Coffee Cup Poncho – コーヒーカップポンチョ


Plate01In March I visited Nagoya for a yarn exhibition. On my way back I had the opportunity to meet with the yarn company Olympus. We had coffee during the meeting. While we were talking I couldn’t help to look at the plate of the coffee cup. It had a very interesting geometrical pattern. It gave me the inspiration for a poncho. Interesting enough Olympus gave me a set of their new yarn ‘Tree House Berries‘. One ball of each color. 


olumpus_poncho02aBack home I kept thinking about the plate and my idea for a poncho. I didn’t have time to knit it, but really like the idea. So I asked a lady at my knitting class in Oomori to knit the piece for me. In return of a picture of the poncho, she would get the yarn and of course the poncho. I explained her the idea and how it could be knitted. She first made a gauge and a first sample of one of the triangles. Each is knitted using short rows and one ball of yarn. We had to invent a special wrap and turn stitch, to make the geometry work out.


Yesterday, she came to the class with the finished poncho. I truly love the way she used the colors. The piece looks like a contemporary piece of art. It reminds me of a Bauhaus painting. 

Slip Stitch Snood – 引き上げ目のスヌード



snood03aOver the past 6 month I have been knitting a small mountain of pieces for my next book. It will be published on October 5th. As I had to knit each piece myself, I didn’t have much time to make other items and show on my blog. 

But now all pieces are finished and I can experiment again with some new yarns I got. Last night I finished a small snood I knitted to test a pattern I really like. Knitted over 160 stitches with 4 mm needles.

Special Workshop: ベルンドのスイーツ&ニットカフェ No.2

erdbeere6月4日にスイーツ&ニットカフェNo. 2を楽しみしましょう。イベントは受付締切しました。けど、参加したい場合はイベントのページからメールでAvexを連絡して下さい。




Rosa & Berry 第2回ワークショップ

knit201605Colorful knit for early summer.




時間 9:45~13:30
受付 カフェEASYTIME 定員 25名様まで
参加費 7,300円(ランチ代等込み) 体験場所 カフェEASYTIME
申し込み方法 お申し込みはこちらから またはお電話(0749-54-2323)にて




Japan Hobby Show 2016


  • 私のニットのいくつかを提示。
  • 新しいキットと靴下の本もあります。サイン会やりましょう。
  • ピカソのコートと色々な作新を持って行きます。


日時:4月28日(木)〜4月30日(土) (10:00 – 17:00)



Picasso’s Coat finished – ピカソのコート出来ました


Picasso_coat_final01aLast night I finished my ‘Picasso’s Coat’. Thank you everyone, who helped making this possible. I will bring the coat to The Japan Hobby Show next week.