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4 thoughts on “Gallery | ギャラリー

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  2. Hi! How are you Bernd?
    My name is junko living in Canada. I happend to see you on Youtube video(japanese local daytime show) and became a fan of you! I’m interested in German and I love knitting and crochetting. You’re amazing because you can speak 3 languages!
    I’m making a cardican now from the yarn that one of my co-workers gave me.
    I wish I’d live in Yokohama so that I could join your class: I’d be able to learn not only knitting but German too…..



    • Hello Junko,

      thank you for your kind comment. I am thrilled to have a fan in Canada. I am sure, you can find some wonderful yarn there. I really love knitting. I can do it all day. Should you ever come to Yokohama, please let me know and we get together.
      Happy knitting

  3. Hi Bernd- Just this minute found your site. Your work is amazing- Now you have another Canadian Fan. Would love to see what you design with the new yarn that was dyed in those awesome colours.
    Kind regards. Barbara

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