Bike-Socking: Sadogashima バイクーソッキング:佐渡島


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Sadogashima09Last week I had a few days off. So I took my bike for a trip to the island ‘Sadogashima‘. I have been there several time. I usually stay at the guesthouse of friends ‘Kanecho‘. During the production of my first knitting book, I started to think about ‘Bike-Socking’. My book is about spiral socks. It is scheduled for publication in the second half of October. We just finished the photo shooting.

While touring on my beautiful Honda CB 1000 T2 around Japan, I usually knit something during the breaks. Now I started to use the numbers of some country roads as a base for a knitting pattern in my socks. This time I knitted a pair of colorful ‘Sadogashima Spiral Socks’.  Next week I am planning a trip to the Echigo Tsumari Art Field. I already bought the yarn for another pair of ‘Bike-Socking Spiralsocks. You can follow me during the tour and see the socks grow on my Instagram channel @berndkestler.


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