Video: ベルンド・ケストラーのネックウェア




  • マフラー、ショール、ケープ、スヌード&ループや私の人気フリンジメデューサカウル。
  • 一本の毛糸でらくらく編める
  • 初心者のためのシンプルな作品と経験豊富なニッターのための新しい技術。
  • 皆のためのカラフルなネックウェアー:男女;少年少女
  • あなたの編み時間がもっと楽しくするために本の後ろにサプライズがあります。

This autumn and winter season will be very colorful. Get ready for my second book “Bernd Kestler’s Neckwear” available in bookstores and online around Japan from October 4th.

It explain 30 colorful neckwear pieces all knitted in Schoppel yarn:

  • Scarfs, shawls, capes, snoods & loops and my popular fringed Medusa cowl. 
  • Simple pieces for beginners and new techniques for experienced knitters.
  • Colorful neckwear for everybody, men & women; boys and girls
  • and to make your knitting time more comfortable, a surprise in the back of the book.


ほしい物 No. 1 Ranking


I just noticed my book is ranking No. 1 on Amazon Japan in the Top 100 “Want to have” for handicraft books.

Book: Cast on, Cast off – 54 methods – 作り目や止め54方法の本



The other day I found an interesting book about cast on and cast off methods. Today it arrive. It really is a great resource for some very interesting ways to start and finish a knitted piece with the most suitable method. I really liked the multi-color cast ons, which are a nice detail. The stretchy cast offs are useful, for hats, socks but also lace pieces. I always looked for more methods especially for some of my lace knits.

Book: Pop Knitting – 本:編み物ポップ


今日は、ブリット‐マリー・クリストッフェションさんの本”ポップニット が届きました。私は本当にそれを得るために楽しみにしていました。本は、印象的な、グラフィック編み物を作成するには、無限の方法の素晴らしいリソースとインスピレーションです。来週は私のニットカフェにそれを持って行きます。

Today the book ‘Pop Knitting – Bold Motifs Using Color & Stitch’ by Britt-Marie Christoffersson arrived. I really looked forward to get it. The book  is a great resource and inspiration of endless ways to create striking, graphic knitted fabrics. I am sure some of the members at my knitting class will be excited to look through.


Knitting with beads – ビーズと編み物


Today a book arrived I had ordered recently. It is titled: “Knit one bead too”. It has some great ideas to include beads in knitting. I am sure my students at the Knit Cafe will be interested to try out some of the projects.