Shadow knitting – Hanshin Tigers – シャドウニッティング: 阪神タイガース


For a member of my knitting class here in Hiyoshi I charted the insignia of the Hanshin Tigers in shadow knitting. Another lady knitted a sample. It turned out quite good. I might need to work on some details.


Shadow Knitting ‘Hana’ – シャドウニッティング「花」


hana06aYesterday I finished a large piece in shadow knitting. I used the kanji for flower and knitted it in an Andy Warhol style picture using 4 colors. I will display the piece during the upcoming Japan Hobby Show next week starting from the 23rd to the 25th. Come over to the Premium Zone to take a look. You can also learn shadow knitting at one of the workshops.

Shadow knitting: Hana – シャドウニッティング:花


For the event next month I charted another shadow knitting piece. This time I use the kanji for “flower”. I used a kanji that looks like written by a brush. It turned out very nice. 


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Shadow knitting: Sakura – シャドウニッティング:桜


For an upcoming event I designed a shadow knitting pattern using a Kimono pattern. Flowing lines frame the image of a cherry blossom. The pattern is very elegant with a soft rhythm. It can be knitted continuously or repeated several times for larger pieces.

Shadow knitting “Yomiuri Giants” – シャドウニッティング「読売ジャイアンツ」

seen from the front - 前から見る

seen from the front – 前から見る


seen from the side - 横から見る

seen from the side – 横から見る

A friend of mine is a big Yomiuri Giants fan. I thought it would be cool to chart the team’s logo in shadow knitting. Could look nice as a fan scarf.

Happy Hanami – シャドウニッティング花見


I always thought there are not enough knitting patterns of cherry blossom flowers. I am now trying to design some patterns using different knitting techniques. Here a first attempt creating a flower in shadow knitting. Now I am thinking, what kind of piece should I knit from this pattern.

Shadow knitting: Valentine Hearts – シャドウニッティング: バレンタインハーツ


Valentine Heart large



Valentine Hearts small

Enjoy the coming Valentine and knit a scarf with some Valentine Hearts designs in shadow knitting. You can download the knitting chart for both designs at the links below. Happy Valentine knitting.