Geodesic hat – ジオデシック帽子


  • 毛糸をカットしないように編みます、
  • 途中で目を作らない、前段の目だけ使います、
  • 毛糸の順番より多くのカラーコンビネーションを作成します、
  • 毛糸の色はパターンと会わせます。


geodesic_hat02aI really enjoy experimenting and find unique ways of knitting something. I am currently working on several hats. From another project I am knitting at the moment, I came up with this hat. For knitting the piece I had several goals:

  • Continuously knitting, without cutting the yarn,
  • Not picking up extra stitches, only using those available from previous rows,
  • Create more color combination, then the sequence of the yarn allows,
  • Make the color of the yarn follows the pattern.

For the construction I use a method from architecture to build a geodesic dome. I used triangles of short row knitting on the side, with a pentagon on the top. The complete hat is knitted with two balls of Noro’s “Kureopatora” No. 1012.


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