Picasso’s Coat – outer circle


  1. 編成方向を変更する 、ストライピングも変更します。
  2. ピカソに関連したパターンを使用します。
  3. 円として編むことができます。
  4. それを編むながら円を繋ぎます。


Picasso_Coat_sample01I have been quite busy the last few week. Finally, I got around to design a pattern for the outer circle of my Picasso’s Coat. For the outer circle I had several goals:

  1. Change knitting direction, to change striping
  2. Use a pattern related to Picasso,
  3. Able to knit as a circle,
  4. Connect the circle while knitting it.

To find a suitable pattern it took me some time. Picasso use a lot of harlequins in his drawings. While a harlequin is comical, he is also sometimes sad an lonely. So Picasso felt a Harlequin represents the essence of life. That was my inspiration to use a lace diamond pattern. I used short rows to curve the pattern. Each diamond is larger towards the outside.



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