Knitting documentary on German TV – ドイツのテレビで編みドキュメンタリー



The German TV station ‘ARD’ has broadcasted a program about knitting in Germany. It’s all in German, but you might still can get something out from it. Here the link.

About 10 million people are knitting in Germany. Some guys do it too. 4-5,000 tons of wool are knitted every year in Germany. “Knitting in public is sexy”. What was since regarded as old-fashioned, knitting is now very trendy, especially among young people. There are over 20 yarnshops in Berlin alone, with more opening every week. Handknitted items have made it onto international catwalks. One of the ladies in the program shows here walkable yarn storage room. Should you be in Berlin, take a look at the ‘KnitKnit‘ yarn shop. Or visit Berlin’s largest knitting group at the Spandauer IKEA store every 2nd Saturday of the month. IKEA organizes knitting circles all over Germany.


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