Lace Möbius – レースメビウス


メビウスは円周約100 cmし、幅は約21 cmです。3mmの針で450目を作りました。毛糸は、100グラム (400 m)のローワン’ファインアート’です。目止めのためにピコットキャストオフを使用しました。それが完了するまで約3時間かかりましたが、とても良いになりました。


moebius_green05aYesterday, I finished another möbius. This one took a little longer time to finish. The pattern is a simple garter based lace stitch. It looks very nice from both sides. So it is great for knitting a möbius.

The piece measures about 100 cm in circumference and is 21 cm wide. I casted on 450 stitches with 3 mm needles. The yarn is 100 gr. (400 m) of Rowan ‘fine art’. To finish I used a picot cast off, which took me about 3 hours to complete, but it’s worth every minute.

Today, the weather was so nice, so I took a lot of pictures. I can’t decide, which one I like best, so I post all of them in a gallery. Hope you enjoy them.

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