3 more Möbius finished – もっとメビウス3枚が終了


I am working on a möbius pamphlet at the moment. For this I finished 3 more möbius over the weekend.


This möbius is a very simple piece knitted in a welting technique. Alternating several rows of purl and knit rows. I used 4.5 mm needles and 100 gr of Plassard ‘Multico’ yarn.


The next möbius I finished is knitted in a wonderful bright red yarn. I chose the ‘Mistake Rib’ pattern for this. It shows the yarn very nice. The finish is a 4 stitch I-Cord.

k1b_moebius01a別のメビウスがちょっと長く時間かかりました。それは’Knit One Below’ 技法で編まれていました。このために内藤商事の’Zarina’糸の各色の2玉を使用していました。3mm針で編みました。

Another möbius I finished took longer. It is knitted in the ‘Knit One Below’ technique. I used 2 balls of each color of Naito’s ‘Zarina’ yarn for this. Knitted with 3 mm needles.


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