Pelerine ‘The Spoon’ – ペレリーネ”ザ・スプーン”



pelerine02Here another neckpiece I just finished. It was inspired by an old fashioned pelerine. It is basically an oversized V-neck. I might add a zipper to the collar. It looks like a piece of armor and I want to use it when I go motorbike touring. Should keep my neck and chest warm. Could also work well when skiing or snow-boarding.

pelerine03The piece is knitted from 100% wool in plain brioche stitch with 7mm needles. I used a provisional cast on and lated added a black I-Cord around. I want to knit the piece again with a wider back to cover the shoulders more.


2 thoughts on “Pelerine ‘The Spoon’ – ペレリーネ”ザ・スプーン”

  1. Wow, this is terrific, let me know if you ever turn this into a pattern. I too am a motorbike rider and love to wear pieces like that under my jacket on damp days.

    Brenda (found this via Pinterest)

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