Kunststricken 2.0: Alpaca Cape – クンスト編み2.0: アルパカケープ


alpaca_cepe03毛糸は’ – スリムエコアルパカウール’の3ボールを使用していました。 3mmの針で編みました。

alpaca_cepe02Some time ago I knitted a lace collar from an old German lace pattern. For this cape I used the same pattern with less stitches and thicker yarn. I used a provisional cast on and first knitted the cape. Then picked up stitches again and knitted a turtle neck. The cast off is a picot bind off. For the turtle neck I arranged it, so that each knit rib ends in a picot.

For the yarn I used 3 balls of ‘Eco Alpaca Wool – Slim’. with 3mm needles.


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