Brioche Möbius – ブリオッシュのメビウス


Brioche_moebius04終了作品は円周約1 mです。それは長い一回または首に二回ループすることができます。毛糸は’ランダラナガット- ヌオーヴォイル’です。各色の2ボール。私は、各色の2玉と5 mmの針を使用していました。

Brioche_moebius05Brioche_moebius02Since I developed this great and easy technique to cast on for a moebius, I can’t stop knitting new ones. Yesterday, I started on this 2 color Brioche pattern moebius. Each row is alternately knitted in a different color in knit/purl. The result is a striped pattern, which works great for a moebius. To cast off, I used a stretchy bind of technique, which also gives this nice dotted line.

The finished piece is about 1 m in circumference. It can be worn long or looped twice around my neck. The yarn is ‘Lana Gatto – Nuovo Irlanda’. I used 2 balls of each color and  5 mm needles.


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