Painted Lace: Wisteria Diamond Shawl – 塗られたレース:藤ダイヤモンド・ショール





painted_lace_half03Last year a friend and I went to see the museum of the famous Japanese kimono maker ‘Itchiku Kubota‘. This turned out to be a very inspiring visit. On my way home, I thought that the kimono patterns looked like knitted lace. How could I color the lace pattern in a way, that the resulting pattern matches the lace?

painted_shawl05This took me on a journey to develop a method and process that allows me to paint full-size knitted laces pieces. As I couldn’t find any information of a similar process, I had to develop it and several tools myself. I bought a number of books on similar subjects. During winter, I visited a kimono dyer here in Tokyo and took part in an afternoon workshop.

To test and finetune my process, I knitted a white diamond lace shawl. This already took me several hours. Then I had to decide on a pattern. On paper, I tried out various scenarios. In the end, I decided on a regular pattern that follows the outline of the lace. As a color palette, I used the flowers of wisteria. The main pattern is painted in a dark mauve. For the lines in between I used a light purple. The inside of each diamond is painted in shades of green.

painted_shawl04Yesterday I steamed the piece and washed it. Today, I pinned it and ironed the shawl into shape. I must say, I am very happy with the result.



2 thoughts on “Painted Lace: Wisteria Diamond Shawl – 塗られたレース:藤ダイヤモンド・ショール

  1. Bernd: That is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like a lot of work, but the results are worth it. Lots of crafty hugs Essie from Oz

    • Hello,

      thanks for your kind email. Yes, this was a lot of work. I had to start from zero, with no idea, if it would work. I am really happy with the result. Now I am working on other pieces.

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