Origami Knitting: Triangle Shawl – 折り紙ニット:三角ショール



私は2.75mm針 (2号)とダイアナ・コレクションから「ラナ・バイオ・ファイン」ウール100%を使用していました。ショールはガーターで編成されています。周りにI―コードを編みました。完成した作品は、165×75cm測定します。

origami_shawl02This is a study piece I knitted. It is inspired by Japanese origami. The shawl is made of triangles knitted with short rows. Each triangle is knitted from the resulting stitches from the previous triangle. If I had knitted the shawl in a single color, I could have knitted it continuously without breaking the yarn.

origami_shawl05I started by casting on 3 stitches. For the first triangle I increase each row 1 stitch. When I reached 180 stitches, I changed colors and used short rows to knit the yellow triangle. From the resulting stitches I knitted the next triangle. However, those stitches were not enough for the length of the next triangle. Therefore, I used a little bit of math to calculate the stitches for each triangle.

origami_shawl04I used a 2.75mm needle and ‘Lana Bio Fine’ 100% wool from the Diana Collection. The piece is knitted in garter stitch. To finish I knitted a 3 stitch I-Cord around to bind off. The finished piece measures 165 x 75 cm.


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