Kunststricken: Chevalier collar – クンスト編み:シュヴァリエの襟


chevalier03From an old book I knitted a lace Chevalier collar. Today I pinned and ironed it into shape. Turned out quite nice. The collar is knitted from cotton using 1.75mm needles. It was pretty easy to knit and didn’t use any difficult stitches. Now I am working on writing the knitting chart and instructions. It is a nice and unique piece for a Kunststricken beginner.chevalier01

2 thoughts on “Kunststricken: Chevalier collar – クンスト編み:シュヴァリエの襟

  1. Hi Bernd: That is just so beautiful. I think with more rows added on to it, it would make a really lovely mini shawl? shawlette? (one of those that just goes round the shoulders). Regards Essie from Oz

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