Kunststricken 2.0: Lopi’n Lace : クンスト編み2.0:ロピー&レース







Lopi_cepe03I am giving Kunststricken an update to create more contemporary items. I call this “Kunststricken 2.0”. I use original patterns, but either knit it into other items there were designed for or use different material. This piece is quite easy to knit and great for a beginner. I will bring this piece to my Kunststricken knitting class next time.

This is a project that has been on my mind for some time. Lace is usually knitted using thin yarn and needles to create delicate fabrics. For this cape I went the opposite. My choice was thick, bright Lopi yarn. I find the contrast between the lace pattern and rough yarn very interesting. Definitely an eye-catching knit.

Lopi_cepe02The pattern is an original from Erich Engeln. Originally used for a lampshade, I made a few changes. To allow the cape getting wider downwards I couldn’t increase stitches. So I used larger needles while knitting the cape. The upper half is knitted with 5mm needles, then 5.5mm and finally 6mm needle.

To keep the piece as close as possible to German lace, I used the traditional Kunststricken crochet cast-off with loops in between. The ribbing is a simple knit/purl. Here I used an invisible sewn bind off.

As a small detail, I included a thick dark-red cord with 2 large beads at the end.


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