Book: Cast on, Cast off – 54 methods – 作り目や止め54方法の本



The other day I found an interesting book about cast on and cast off methods. Today it arrive. It really is a great resource for some very interesting ways to start and finish a knitted piece with the most suitable method. I really liked the multi-color cast ons, which are a nice detail. The stretchy cast offs are useful, for hats, socks but also lace pieces. I always looked for more methods especially for some of my lace knits.


2 thoughts on “Book: Cast on, Cast off – 54 methods – 作り目や止め54方法の本

    • I sometime just pick up books like this. For some time I was looking for such a book. The format is great. Some of the cast-offs I know are missing, but it is still a great resource. One of my students at my knit cafe also bought it.

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