Kunststricken 2.0 German lace 2.0 – クンスト編み2.0 ドイツレース2.0

Kunststricken_new03私は本当にドイツのクンスト編みの古いパターンを楽しみ、そのようなプロジェクトに取り誰も尊敬しています。同時に、私は窓の絵やテーブルクロス以外の作品にもドイツレースパターンを見たいと思っています。だから、私はショールやケープのようなニットのためにクンスト編みのパターンを再配置し始めました。ドイツのレースのアップデートをするように私は、この「クンスト編み2.0」 を呼び出します。



I really enjoy the old patterns of German Kunststricken and admire anyone who takes on such a project. At the same time, I want to see more of the pattern in other items than window pictures or table cloth. So, I started to rearrange some of the patterns to use them  for other knits like shawls or capes. I call this ‘Kunststricken 2.0’, as to give German lace an update.

Kunststricken_new02I find lace patterns from other countries more rhythmic than those of German lace. Kunststricken produces more multi-directional results, quite irregular.  So it should be interesting to see, what kind of knits can be made from German lace patterns or parts of them. Another aspect I want to change is the yarn thickness. Knitting with thicker, bulky yarn should also make interesting knits. Beside, this makes it easier for beginners.

Here a project I just started. The pattern is taken from Erich Engeln. Originally used for a lamp shade, I made some minor changes to knit a shawl. For the yarn, I also went the opposite and instead of knitting with thin lace yarn, I used a thicker socks yarn. So far I really like the result. The short colored pieces of the yarn create very interesting stripes. I really like, who the yarns twists at the double yarn overs. The pattern is much easier to knit than I thought.


2 thoughts on “Kunststricken 2.0 German lace 2.0 – クンスト編み2.0 ドイツレース2.0

  1. Ooh Bernd: That is just gorgeous; both the yarn and the pattern. Would love to see a photo of the completed shawl. Regards Essie from Oz

    • Hello Essie, thanks for your kind comment. I definitely will post a picture of the completed shawl. It is so much fun to knit.

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