My Profile @ Japan Handicraft Association – 私のプロフィル@日本手芸協会


The Japan Handicraft Association has kindly published a profile about my knit work. Follow the link to read the article.


5 thoughts on “My Profile @ Japan Handicraft Association – 私のプロフィル@日本手芸協会

  1. Hi Bernd: Is there an English translation of this profile anywhere? Would love to read it. Thanks and lots of crafty hugs Essie from Oz

      • Oh darn. OK thanks Bernd. If I ever find a translation site, will try to get it translated. Regards Essie

      • Essie, you are too kind. When I have a free minute I am happy to translate it for you.

      • Hi Bernd: Wow, you are definitely a Renaissance Man – multi-talented. You knit beautiful things, crochet, teach classes and speak, read and write at least 3 languages if you can translate Japanese to English. Regards Essie from Oz

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