Short Row Shawl ‘Vortex’ – 引き返し編みショール「渦巻き」



vortex04While I was riding home on the train the other day, I had an idea for a short row shawl. As I couldn’t imagine the shape it would take, I had to knit it. It turned out like a vortex.

I used 5 balls of Naska Premier ‘Jacquard Print’ yarn with 3mm needles. It was very easy to knit. The last triangle was quite large with about 300 stitches. For the finish I used an I-cord cast-off and attached a tassel.



2 thoughts on “Short Row Shawl ‘Vortex’ – 引き返し編みショール「渦巻き」

  1. Hi Bernd: That shawl is gorgeous. Do you have the pattern done up? If so, how much does it cost and where can I get it? Thanks and lots of crafty hugs Essie from Oz

    • Hello Essie, thanks for your kind comment. I haven’t made the instructions yet. Making the complete chart is impossible, as it would be too large to fit on a standard size paper. Need to think about, how to make useful instructions.

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