February Tea Cozy – 2月のティー・コージー

February_tea_cozy02昨日、私は2月ティーコージーを編んで終えました。今回は、作品全体のためにスター編みであります(ドイツ語でシュテルン「星」クロッシェ)。を使用していました。毛糸は”ザラ – メリノ”です。



February_tea_cozy03Yesterday, I finished the February Tea Cozy. This time I used star crochet for the entire piece. The yarn is  “Zara – Merino Extrafine”.

February_tea_cozy01For the circular top and first row of star crochet I used a 3.5mm hook, then one row of stars with a 4.0mm hook and the middle section a 4.5mm hook. This keeps the stars aligned, but allows for some increase to shape the tea cozy.

I used reversed crab stitch to crochet around the spout and handle opening. The closure are two little buttons I sewed together pushed through a button hole on each side of the handle opening.


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