Another book: Slip-Stitch Knitting – 本:スリップステッチニット


今日は、私が本当に欲しかった本が届きました:ロクサーナバートレットから作った “スリップステッチニット – カラーパターンを簡単に”。この本は絶版になっているので、私は英国で使用され本屋からそれを得ることは非常に幸せだった。本は、美しい色のパターンを作るためにいくつかの素晴らしいテクニックを持っています。編み物スリップステッチは編み込みより簡単なので、初心者でもすぐに良いニットを作ることができます。私は来週 “ニットカフェ”来週に持って行きます。


slip_stitch01Today, another book I really wanted arrived: “Slip-Stitch Knitting –  Color Pattern the Easy Way” by Roxana Bartlett. The book is out of print, so I was very happy to get it from a used bookshop in the UK. It is not available here in Japan, but has some great techniques to make beautiful color patterns. As slip stitch knitting is much easier than stranded knitting, even beginners can make great looking knits. Will take it to my ‘Knit Cafe’ next week.



One thought on “Another book: Slip-Stitch Knitting – 本:スリップステッチニット

  1. はじめまして!

    I saw your article on “Keitodama”, which is a magazine for knitting. That is first time for me to know you, Mr.Bernd.
    I felt that your works are really nice and beautiful, then I took interest in you from that article, so I also see this your blog.
    I’m big fan of knitting:D Knitting is infinite, isn’t it…?
    I feel so fun with this blog!
    Thank you for introducing many ideas and teachings. Those are really helpfull for me every time.
    ..Just I’d like to tell you how I enjoyed/enjoy your article and blog. That is reason why I send e-mail..!

    Take care:)

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