Colored lace – 色付きのレース





colorlace02Last August, I went on a bike trip to visit the museum of kimonos made by Itchiku Kubota. He was a genius in the art of Tsujigahana and the kimonos he made are stunningly beautiful. Looking at his artwork, I thought, how can I used this technique in knitting? This got me on an interesting journey.

I bought some books on Tsujigahana. My idea than was to knit pieces of lace and accentuate the lace pattern with color.  First I tried various Japanese techniques of resist dyeing. The result was somehow nice, but I didn’t have control over the resulting coloring. I tried a rice paste to cover part of the lace, which also didn’t produce good results. I used different dye stuff and material, but still was not happy with the pieces.

I than decided to instead of putting the lace into a dye bath, I should bring the paint to the lace. A speciality shop helped me to find suitable dye, which can be painted. After a small mountain of colorful lace swatches, I finally found some good patterns, colors and the right tools and process to match the coloring with the lace pattern. The blue sample I even was able to paint in a gradation. Now I am planning to knit a shawl as a larger piece.

I am also looking for more lace patterns and bought some books on the German Kunststricken, lace collars and Shetland lace. I am still searching for pattern books on Estonian lace patterns.


4 thoughts on “Colored lace – 色付きのレース

    • Hello Essie,
      thanks for your kind comment. It took me some time to figure out how to do this. Now I got the process down and want to make some larger pieces from it. One project is to use this for the graduation piece at the Vogue knitting school I am going to. I want to knit a lace cardigan and paint it. Should be interesting.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have some interesting pieces on my needle at the moment. One will be a full-size cardigan in painted lace. So check out my blog again.

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