How to make a pom pom – ポンポンの作り方


When people see some of my knitted hat, they keep asking how I made the pom poms. Yesterday, while making the pom pom for the baby hat, I took pictures and will explain the traditional method now.

Step 1



  • ドーナツ状の紙の輪二枚(私はリングのために古い牛乳パックを使用します)
  • 毛糸
  • 太い針


To make a pom pom you need:

  • 2 donut shaped paper rings (I usually use an old milk carton for the rings)
  • Yarn
  • Large sewing needle

The paper donuts should be the size of the finished pom pom. The diameter of the hole in the center is about the width of the paper ring.

Step 2


Put both paper rings together. Thread some yarn into the needle and wrap both rings densely.

Step 3


Use more and more yarn. Wrap the rings until the hole in the center is completely filled out.

Step 4


Cut open the wrapped yarn around the edges of the paper rings.

Step 5


Pass a length of yarn between the two paper rings around all the strands of yarn. Tie it firmly together.

Step 6


Now you can remove the paper rings.

Step 7


Trim the pom pom into shape with a scissor and attach it to your woolly hat.


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