Shetland 1 ply Cobweb yarn arrived – シェトランド1プライ毛糸

cobweb01昨年、私はシェットランドニットのレースが始まりました。今年は、私は伝統的なシェットランド結婚式のベールを編むつもりです。このため、シェットランドから毛糸を注文し、今日届きました。それはジェイミソン&スミス1プライのコブウェブのレースの毛糸です ― と本当に薄いです。ベールプロジェクトの進行状況を表示するために別のページを作ります。



knitted_farmyard02Last year I started to knit some Shetland lace. For this year I want to knit a traditional Shetland wedding veil. For this, I ordered the yarn from Shetland, which arrived today. It is a Jamieson & Smith 1 ply Cobweb Lace Weight – and really thin. I will make a separate page for the veil project to show the progress.


Together with the yarn I had also ordered 2 book. One is about knitted farm yards. The book is a collection of farm patterns—including farmers, harvesting tools, hay and vegetable fields. I thought some of the members at my knit cafe might be interested in this.

The other book is titled ‘A Legacy of Shetland Lace’. It is a collection of 21 lace projects designed by members of the Shetland Guilde of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and Dyers. I already have my eyes on one of the projects in black silk.


One thought on “Shetland 1 ply Cobweb yarn arrived – シェトランド1プライ毛糸

  1. Looking forward to seeing the progress on the Shetland wedding veil. That yarn is so very very fine. Good luck with the project. Essie from Oz

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