Short Row hat with I-Cord trim – I-コードのトリムが付いている短い段の帽子







トップを終えるために、I-コードの先に毛糸をを通って、一緒に引っ張りました。それから、小さなボールを編んで、パディングとそれを詰めて、I-コードの上にそれを縫ってました 。

I wanted to experiment a little with short rows. It is a very useful technique that can add interesting patterns or shapes to a piece.

short_row_hat03With the current cold weather here in Yokohama I designed a simple hat using short rows to shape the top. Each triangle I casted off with an I-Cord in a different cold to add an accent. Than from behind I picked up the loops from the purl stitch to start the next triangle.

From my first drawing and gauge I calculated 10 triangles, but found that I needed 12. I thought the I-cord would add extra width. However this proofed to not be true, as each I-Cord only adds on row to each triangle. Once I finished the top, I picked up stitches from each side of the triangle. I picked up one stitch for every row knitted. I knitted one row and casted off with an I-Cord again. Once finished, I picked up stitch from the underside of the top to knit the side of the hat. Here I used a simple 2 color stripe patterns usually used for Fair Isle cuffs. Again, I casted off using an I-Cord.

To finish the top I wove a piece of yarn through the ends of each I-Cord and pulled together. Then I knitted a small ball, stuffed it with padding and sewed it onto the I-cords.


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