Knitting moves in mysterious ways




Last weekend I finished the scarf for my carpenter friend. I wrapped it as a present and put it at my entrance. I wanted to find a good moment to bring it over to my friend. Yesterday, a neighbor came around to my place and asked, if I wanted to come with him to see the carpenter. My neighbor needed some small pieces of wood to be cut. I had some time, so put on my shoes and took the present with me.

My friend was at his workshop and I gave him my gift. He was very happy and asked us to sit down. While we were sipping on a cup of coffee he told me that today was actually his birthday. Out of 365 days I picked exactly his birthday to give him the scarf. What a coincidence. I guess, knitting moves in mysterious ways.


One thought on “Knitting moves in mysterious ways

  1. >What a coincidence. I guess, knitting moves in mysterious ways.
    Relationships are called EN in Japanese.I found much thread(the letter/character 糸) in other ways of expressions. ex,TSUNAGU,TSUMUGU,ORU.

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