Download: Drop Stitch Rib Scarf – ダウンロード:ドロップ·ステッチ·リブ·マフラー




One of my neighbors here in Hiyoshi is a very talented carpenter. He designs and builds interior for churches around Japan. Over the time he has helped me, whenever I needed some wooden pieces for my spinning wheel, knitting needles or other items. As he never charges me anything I wanted to give him something to say ‘Thank you’. Last weekend I knitted him a scarf from some soft alpaca yarn. I hope he likes it.

The scarf is knitted with 4mm needles. I casted on 48 stitches and used 150g of yarn. The pattern is a drop stitch rib, which knits very quickly, but looks quite intriguing. I charted the pattern. You can donwload it as a pdf file here. As he might uses it during work, I didn’t add any fringes, which might get in his way. So I used an I-cord cast-off.


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