Lopi cardigan – progress

The cardigan is progressing very well. I finished the yoke and today added the pockets.

A few final stitches to do than I have to finally cut the front open to insert the zipper. From the beginning I included 3 extra purl stitches. The instruction say to go over the left and right with a sowing machine twice to fixate the loose ends.

I didn’t really like the idea, as I would need to give the cardigan away to a shop for sowing. Recently, I came across felting and that will solve my problem. Yesterday I made a sample piece for trying it out. Just a piece of plain knit with the 3 purl stitches in the middle.

Cut opening

On the left purl stitch I crochet a row and on the right stitch wove a piece of yarn up and down. Than I used a felting tool with 3 needles to felt along those 2 stitches. Than I cut open along the middle purl stitch. As Lopi yarn is already pretty rough it worked very well. Especially the crochet solution works great. The loose ends are fixed securely, but still flexible. It definitely is the way to go.

No I need to source a good zipper and get the cardigan ready.


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