Lopi jacket

Over the new year I started my Lopi jacket. It took several days to dry the wool. Luckily, the weather here in Yokohama was sunny and dry so I could hang the wool outside.

Rolled up yarn

First I had to un-bundle the yarn and roll it up into balls.

Now I could start. The idea for this sweater is to knit it in 2 colors – obviously white and blue. I started all ribbing in blue with a No. 12 needle (5.7mm). For the body I didn’t have to increase stitches when switching to the pattern. All I did was using a No. 14 needle (6.3mm). As I wanted a graduate change from blue into white, I used stripes and a zigzag line. It took about 100gr of blue and 300gr of white for this piece.


In the center I knitted 3 purled stitches, which will be the place to cut open for making it into a jacket. After about 20cm I used some waste yarn for inserting the pockets later. The orange marker in the picture show where I put the pockets.

Took me 2 days to finish the body part.

After that I started the arms. With a set of 5 needles I knitted the ribbing and changed again for the pattern.

Arm ribbing

Here I increased stitches in the first row from 32 to 48 (+16) and then every 5th row 2 stitches before and after the first stitch. Each arm took me 1 day to knit and about 200gr of wool.

Now it’s onto the yoke.

Onto the yoke


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