Alafoss Lopi dyeing

For my next project at the Nihon Vogue Knitting School I have to knit a Lopi sweater. Today I dyed the aizome yarn for it.

I need about 400 gr in indigo. As I wanted all in the same color, I had to dye the wool together.

First I had to soak the yarn in water.

Soaked Lopi

To keep the wool together in the vat, I used a small wooden pole to hang the bundles onto.

Lopi on pole

Putting this beautiful bright white yarn into a smelly dark brown vat needed a bit of confidence.

Lopi in the vat

I used intervals of about 10 minutes 7 times to get the desired result.

Here some pictures from the various intervals.

Lopi ready to dye

After 1o minutes

Lopi almost finished

Lopi finished

I am very pleased with the result. The color is very beautiful and I look forward starting to knit.

Here you can see me in my biker outfit dipping- in the yarn.



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