Aizome woolly hat

Aizome woolly hat

Some time ago I dyed several kinds of wool to see, how they turn out with aizome. From each ball of wool I dyed several shades, which was not enough for a complete project.

As I wanted to try out a combination of knit and crochet, the amount was just perfect for a woolly hat.

From those I knitted/ crochet a woolly hat for myself using a combination of knitting, crochet and weaving in yarns.


The ribbing is knitted in knit/purl. I started with the darkest color from the same yarn and worked myself up the shading to the lightest blue. The wool I used is ‘Richmore Spectre Modem’ with a 4mm round needle.

To cast on stitch, I used a method we call ‘English Gum’ at the Nihon Vogue School.

Download English Gum Tutorial here.



Once the  ribbing was finished, I slipped each purled stitch over the knitted stitch and continued to crochet the head piece of the hat.

Base hat

For this I used hand-dyed ‘Puppy – Alpasoft’ yarn with No. 6 crochet hook.


Once finished, I used a white Lopi yarn and pulled it in a weaving style pattern through the holes. Than I used an indigo Lopi yarn I had used for some test-dyeing and pulled it one stitch apart through the holes.

White Lopi

This is a technique I once saw created from a Japanese designer called ‘Motai Kuniko’. She calls it ‘Stitch Knit’ and creates the most amazing pieces.

As the yarn is pulled through in rounds, I had to keep it loose enough so the hat would stay elastic. A small pom pom on top finishes the woolly hat off.

I am very pleased with the result, specially with the colors. Beside it is nice to put the yarn to a good use and create something with it.

Indigo Lopi


2 thoughts on “Aizome woolly hat

  1. That’s a warm looking hat and very nicely done. Looks warm! Is there an online reference for English Gum? I’ve never heard of it.

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